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Herb & Hedgerow » For people who love & make botanical skincare214 Words To Name Your Skincare Products

Herb & Hedgerow » For people who love & make botanical skincare214 Words To Name Your Skincare Products

One of many widespread cries for assist I obtain tends to go a bit like this:

“Help! My skincare potion is really good for healing and curing this ailment on the skin, but I can’t say anything about it on the label or in my marketing materials… what on earth should I label my product?”.

The ‘problem’ with skincare is that from a authorized perspective it’s imagined to be beauty. It makes your pores and skin look wholesome and nourished, however it isn’t presupposed to have any medicinal properties. This may be very irritating for these people who entered the skincare business with a burning ardour to remedy sure pores and skin circumstances – notably for these people who have spent months of their time researching totally different botanical extracts and their therapeutic properties.

As a result of let’s be truthful, many plant extracts do have the potential to hurry up wound therapeutic, to have anti-inflammatory results and finally, to heal pores and skin circumstances. I’ve coated lots of them right here on my Herb & Hedgerow weblog.

Nevertheless, regardless of the rise of the cosmeceutical skincare product, authorities businesses all all over the world refuse to recognise this cross between cosmetics and pharmaceutical merchandise. And that is in all probability a great factor as a result of in the event that they did, you’d almost definitely have to check and promote your merchandise underneath rigorous pharmaceutical and medicinal requirements which might make it prohibitively costly for many people to start out a skincare enterprise.


How To Name Your Skincare Products

So what are you supposed to call your product when you have created a ravishing therapeutic balm which may also help with main pores and skin illnesses?

Sadly, you can’t use phrases akin to ‘healing’, ‘curing’, ‘medicinal’ or ‘eczema’ in your product identify. You possibly can’t confer with particular illnesses or name your product a therapeutic medicinal remedy. You’ll get into hassle in most nations all over the world for doing so and most skincare entrepreneurs can’t afford to jeopardise their enterprise like that.

However don’t fear as a result of I’ve the answer for you! I’ve spent the previous few weeks combing the web site of dozens of cosmetics and wonder companies and have put collectively my information to naming your skincare merchandise. That is additionally a enjoyable recreation so that you can attempt at house in the event you’re making an attempt to second guess what the large manufacturers will name their subsequent beauty merchandise. All it’s a must to do is reduce out the phrases, stick them in a hat and draw out a random choice – earlier than you understand it, you’ll have the subsequent bestseller in your arms.

So I introduce to you…


214 Words To Name Your Skincare Products

Words beginning with A-B + Zero-9
1. 100%
2. 12-hour
three. 24-hour
four. Lively / Activate / Activating
5. Adore / Adoring
6. Superior
7. Age confidence
eight. Age defy
9. Age good
10. Age proof
11. Ageless
12. All-natural
13. Anti-Stress
14. Anti-Shine
15. Antioxidant
16. Awaken / Awakening
17. Stability / Balancing
18. Balancing
19. Beautifying
20. Magnificence / Lovely
21. Bio
22. Organic
23. Blemish
24. Bliss
25. Blossom / Blossoming
26. Blur / Blurring
27. Blushing
28. Increase / Boosting
29. Botanical
30. Sensible

Words beginning with C-D
31. Calm / Calming
32. Care / Caring
33. Licensed
34. Cherish / Cherishing
35. Make clear / Clarifying
36. Basic
37. Cleanse / Cleaning
38. Clear / Clearing
39. Code
40. Assortment
41. Consolation / Comforting
42. Full
43. Complicated
44. Concealer
45. Focus
46. Contour / Contouring
47. Cool / Cooling
48. Correcting / Corrector
49. Cosmeceutical
50. Creamy
51. Day / Every day
52. Deep
53. Defence
54. Deluxe
55. De-stressing
56. Dedicate / Devotion
57. Dew / Dewy
58. Double
59. Dream
60. Duo
61. Dynamic


Words beginning with E, F, G
62. Factor
63. Elixir
64. Power / Energising
65. Enlivening
66. Enrich / Enriching
67. Essence
68. Important
69. Exfoliate / Exfoliating
70. Extract
71. Extraordinary
72. Extravagant
73. Excite / Thrilling
74. Facial Radiance
75. Fill / Filling
76. Firming / Firmer
77. Fixing
78. Flawless
79. Flex
80. Floral
81. Flourish / Flourishing
82. Flower
83. Foaming
84. Focus
85. Focal
86. Fortifying
87. Aromatic
88. Recent
89. Fruit
90. Mild
91. Glow / Glowing
92. Beautiful

Words beginning with H, I, J, Okay, L, M

93. Harmonising
94. Excessive Efficiency
95. Holistic
96. Hydrate / Hydrating
97. Hypersensitive
98. Illuminate / Illuminating
99. Indulge / Indulging
100. Prompt
101. Intense / Intensive
102. Invigorate / Invigorating
103. Kiss / Kissable
104. Way of life
105. Mild
106. Liquid
107. Love / Loving
108. Pretty / Loveliness
109. Luminous / Luminescent
110. Luxurious / Luxurious
111. Luxuriate
112. Magic
113. Matte
114. Most
115. Minimise / Minimising
116. Miracle
117. Moisture / Moisturising
118. Multi



Words beginning with N, O, P, R
119. Bare
120. Pure
121. Night time
122. Noticeable
123. Nourish / Nourishing
124. Nurture / Nurturing
125. Nutrient
126. Opulent
127. Natural (word – you would wish natural certification within the US)
128. Origin
129. Pamper / Pampering
130. Ardour
131. Perfection / Good / Perfecting
132. Phyto-
133. Plant-derived
134. Polish / Sprucing
135. Pore
136. Constructive
137. Energy
138. Fairly
139. Proactive
140. Probiotic
141. Skilled
142. Shield / Defending / Protecting / Protector
143. Pure / Purest
144. Purify / Purifying
145. Radiant / Radiance
146. Rebalance / Rebalancing
147. Rebuild / Rebuilding
148. Refine / Refining
150. Refreshing
151. Regenerating / Regeneration / Regenerate
152. Rejuvenate / Rejuvenating
153. Chill out / Enjoyable
154. Aid
155. Renew / Renewing
156. Renourish / Renourishing
157. Repolish / Repolishing
158. Replenish / Replenishing
159. Restore / Restoring
160. Outcomes
161. Reveal / Revealing
162. Revere / Revering
163. Revitalise / Revitalising
164. Revive / Reviving
165. Wealthy
166. Ritual

Words beginning with S, T, U, V, W, Y
167. Salvation
168. Satin
169. Seduce / Seductive
170. Delicate
171. Sensual / Sensuality
172. Attractive
173. Silk / Silky
174. Merely / Simplicity
175. Skintight
176. Skinfood
177. Clean / Smoothing
178. Soften / Softening
179. Clear up
180. Answer
181. Soothe / Soothing
182. Sparkle / Glowing
183. Particular / Specialised
184. Squeaky Clear
185. Strengthen / Strengthening
186. Tremendous
187. Supple
188. Help
189. Synergy
190. Goal / Concentrating on
191. Texturising
192. Thrive / Thriving
193. Time
194. Tingle / Tingling
195. Tone / Firming
196. Rework / Reworking
197. Deal with
198. Triple
199. Final
200. Extremely
201. Unblocking
202. Unclogging
203. Vegan / Vegetarian
204. Velvet
205. Seen Distinction
206. Very important / Vitality
207. Vitamin
208. Volumizing
209. Heat / Warming
210. Wellness
211. Wildcrafted
212. Worship / Worshipper / Worshipping
213. Youth Restoring
214. Youthful


Please observe – this listing will differ relying on the place you’re on the earth so you have to double examine your native laws. The FDA within the USA for example objects to any claims that relate to cosmetics having an impact on the construction of the pores and skin (e.g. ‘rejuvenating’, ‘repairing’, ‘lifting’, ‘rebuilding’ or any claims about collagen, and so forth.), so that you would wish to phrase your product identify very rigorously in an effort to comply and stick with superficial claims solely. In case you are within the USA or intend to export to the USA then I might advocate avoiding any point out of something that would occur under the pores and skin. It’s all concerning the context during which you employ the identify and your claims and naturally it ought to finally relate to the components in your product.


Create Your Skincare Product Name

So now you’ve received these 214 useful phrases at your disposal, it is advisable to match them up with any of the next:

  • The excessive efficiency extracts that you simply’ve added to offer your product that edge – e.g. allantoin (comfrey), bisabolol (chamomile), catechin (inexperienced tea), and so on.
  •  The kind of product you’re promoting – e.g. serum, cream, masque,  gel, mist, spritz, balm, butter, oil, crème, salve, pomade, lotion, mousse, tonic, and so forth.
  • The a part of the physique your product is concentrating on – e.g. lashes, décolleté, nail, cuticle, foot, hand, physique, facial, eye, again, forehead, and so forth.
  • The bodily state of your product – e.g. whether or not it’s strong, liquid, fluffy, whipped or whether or not it glides onto the pores and skin, creates a lather, and so forth.
  • Any overseas language twists or quirks that you simply need to incorporate – e.g. Pores and skin Adore might develop into J’adore, or Pure might grow to be Naturelle (notice how French actually lends itself to this train!).

Should you comply with this useful information then swiftly, you will notice how straightforward it’s to call your skincare product. Let’s have a go… (please notice, these are all names that I made up utilizing the above information – any similarity to any skincare product, dwelling or lifeless, is only coincidental).

Now introducing the brand new Herb & Hedgerow vary (all fictional):

Name your skincare product legally
Name your skincare product legally

Name your skincare product legally

And that is simply the tip of the iceberg! Now think about my Chocolate Velvet Hand Mousse, or my BioRefreshing Facial Oil, or my Lemon & Cornflower Revitalising Mist! The world is your oyster relating to naming your cosmetics, you’ve simply obtained to be intelligent and keep away from making any unsubstantiated claims in your merchandise. If you need further tips on what sort of claims you possibly can and may’t make, the EU Fee revealed this useful doc alongside the EU Cosmetics Laws. The FDA even have numerous webpages on what they contemplate to be drug claims for cosmetics.


Discover Your Trademarked Skincare Model

In case you are in enterprise making skincare, then you definitely in all probability need to trademark your model identify to guard your enterprise. The large identify manufacturers have all of their names trademarked and copyrighted globally, however what chances are you’ll not know is that lots of them even have logos in place for a lot of of their product names.

Pai Skincare - BioAffinity RangeCase Research 1: Pai Skincare’s BioAffinity Toners

Pai Skincare promote their Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Toner and their Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Toner. The phrase ‘BioAffinity‘ is one which they use specifically for their products. It’s an immediately recognisable phrase as a result of you understand precisely what they imply by it – the elements of their merchandise have a fantastic affinity together with your pores and skin and can deal with it with care. No marvel then that they’ve trademarked the phrase ‘BioAffinity’ as a way to shield it.


L'Oreal Wrinkle De-CreaseCase Research 2: L’Oréal’s Wrinkle De-crease merchandise

L’Oréal promote their Collagen Wrinkle De-crease, a moisturiser that incorporates collagen. (As an apart, do you know that the majority collagen in cosmetics comes from ground-up hen ft and animal horns and that it in all probability doesn’t penetrate far sufficient to do a lot within the pores and skin?) Once I first noticed the phrases ‘wrinkle de-crease’, I used to be beneath the impression that L’Oréal had perhaps undertaken some medical trials to reveal that this collagen product truly led to a lower in wrinkles. They could certainly have accomplished this, however I couldn’t see any proof of any trials on the gross sales web page. However then once I appeared intently, the hyphen gave it away – ‘wrinkle de-crease’ is definitely a trademarked identify.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour CreamCase Research three: Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream

If you realize skincare, then you could have undoubtedly heard of Elizabeth Arden’s legendary Eight Hour Cream. It’s been round since 1930 and was reportedly named for its means to heal an early buyer’s son’s scraped knee in simply eight hours. (Do you have to ever need to purchase an excellent pure various, then I might as an alternative advocate Mimi’s Organics Night time Revitaliser Cream.) The time period ‘Eight Hour’ has been trademarked by Elizabeth Arden’s representatives all around the globe, as a result of it’s such a excessive worth product model for them that they might by no means danger another person having the rights to make use of it.


Shield Your Skincare Model

These are just some case research on the market, however there are various others. There’s Clarins’ HydraQuench (not but trademarked within the UK – I wouldn’t go there if I have been you), the Physique Store’s WonderBlur, L’Oréal’s Youth Code, Lancôme’s Génifique, and lots of hundreds of different examples.

That’s in fact why all these companies trademark their product model names – they can’t afford to lose the rights to promote their most essential merchandise. And neither are you able to! In a world the place most beauty corporations are pressured to provide you with techno-babble to explain what their merchandise truly do on the pores and skin, whenever you discover a time period that works for you you’ve obtained to fiercely and legally shield it.

Now it’s over to you – what are you going to name your merchandise? Print out the record above, reduce out some phrases and spend a while mixing and matching. Provide you with your personal distinctive product model that displays you, your ideally suited buyer, your area of interest, your merchandise and your elements. Mess around and have enjoyable with it.

You don’t have to have lengthy names – you’ll be able to go for one thing huge and daring like ‘Elixir‘ or ‘Face Mud‘. Or you can keep your product names simple and basic – many companies use this strategy very effectively and this could work particularly well if that’s additionally your USP. Consider ‘Rose Toner‘ or ‘Mild Facial Cleaning soap‘. Alternatively, you would provide you with prolonged names that embrace elements, descriptions and hype – see my examples above. Or you possibly can invent an entire new phrase to explain your merchandise – similar to ‘PhytoOrigin‘ or ‘SkinWorship‘. Let your creativeness run free and you could be stunned by the product names you invent.

So please inform me within the feedback under – what do you assume is the perfect naming / branding strategy for a skincare product?


DISCLAIMER: This weblog publish doesn’t represent authorized recommendation – I’m not a lawyer and it hasn’t been checked by a lawyer. It’s nonetheless your duty to make positive that your beauty descriptions are legally compliant and that they match up with the product you’re promoting.You clearly don’t need to use the phrase ‘foaming’ whenever you’re promoting a non-foaming product, as an example. Each authorities authority treats beauty product names in a different way. You additionally have to double verify that none of your names breach any logos or copyright legal guidelines all over the world.

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